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Expert Tips For Choosing The Right Axle Scales For Your Business

Anthony Hartung 

Axle scales, also known as truck scales, are a piece of essential equipment for measuring heavy transportation loads. They are extremely valuable in ensuring truck loads are within the legal weight limits.

However, choosing the right axle scale can be a challenging task. Capacity, size, accuracy, type, and durability are crucial features that should be observed when selecting a scale.

If you are searching for key considerations while purchasing an axle scale, don’t worry. Here, we will provide some expert tips to help you make an informed decision.


When choosing truck scales, considering their capacity is one of the most significant factors. You must measure the maximum weight your truck will carry to select the most suitable scale.

Moreover, if you try measuring more weight than the scale’s capacity, there is a high chance that your scale will get damaged. That’s why it is essential to consider a scale that has more capacity than the maximum load you can measure.

Type Of Scale

Axle scales are divided into various types depending on portability and pit-mounting. Choosing the right kind of scale according to your requirements is extremely important.

Portable, permanent, and pit-mounted scales are beneficial in their fields. However, portable scales are more considered due to their lightweight. You can bring them with you anywhere you want.


Accuracy is one of the most crucial and considerable factors when choosing an axle scale. As we all know, the key goal of having a scale is to measure weight. If the scale is unable to provide error-free measurements, then it is of no use.

While considering the accuracy of scales, ensure that they meet the required legal standards and are certified by regulatory buddies.

Axle scales


Durability is another prominent feature to consider when choosing a heavy load measuring scale. The scale should be durable enough to withstand heavy loads, harsh weather conditions, and frequent use.

We recommend you look for scales that are made of aluminum or steel with features like corrosion resistance and waterproofing.


Cost is always an essential factor to consider while purchasing equipment for your business. Truck scales are a valuable investment, but choosing scales that support value for money is significant.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation and maintenance are also two valuable considerations while busing an axle scale. Some scales may need professionals to install them, while others can be set up at home.

Moreover, consider the scales’ maintenance requirements, such as calibration and cleaning. We recommend you go for scales that have straightforward installation and maintenance instructions.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we suggest you consider Prime Scales for high-quality scales. We have a wide range of truck scales that meet your needs. Moreover, our scales are equipped with various features that will enhance your weight-measuring experience.

Axle scales are considered a useful product in the weight-measuring industry. However, just ensure the item you choose satisfies all the required needs.

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