Why A Plate Brake Tester Is An Ideal Investment For Your Workshop

Lachlan Dana 

If you don’t yet offer brake testing in your workshop, it may be time that you should. Brake testing is a very popular and important service and could provide a way for you to get ahead of your competitors.

Let’s have a look at why a plate brake tester could be your workshop’s next great investment.

Space Efficient

Unlike roller brake testers and even decelerometers, plate brake testers do not take up a lot of space. So even if you have a relatively small workshop space, you can still find a way to fit in plate testing equipment.

Very Easy To Use

Plate testers are very easy to use. Because they are the oldest form of brake testers, they are in many ways the simplest. Even with all their modern features, plate testers can be fully operated by just one staff member.

Attract New Customers

When you invest in new equipment and start offering new services, you have the opportunity to attract new customers. Make sure you advertise your new services effectively so that people in your local area are well aware of them. You could also run a special to attract new customers.

plate brake tester

Brake Testing Is Always In Demand

Did you know that most professionals recommend that you test your brakes at least twice a year? This means that brake testing is always high in demand, and should you invest in brake testing equipment, you’ll be able to offer your current clients a more comprehensive service.

What Are My Other Options When It Comes To Plate Brake Testing

If plate brake testing isn’t quite up your street, then there are other options available. Keep in mind that plate testing does have its limitations, such as it cannot be used to test the brakes of heavy vehicles. Roller brake testers are always a great option as they are known to provide the most consistent results and can be used to test the brakes of heavy vehicles.

Are you looking for plate brake testers or roller brake testers in New Zealand? MAHA NZ offers a wide range of premium workshop equipment. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our offerings.

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